Fountain pen related links

First, the essentials for all net-literate pen fanciers...

Bruce Harrison's perennial full-service Fountain Pen Collectors site has two bulletin boards and an extensive collection of other links.
Subscribe to Tom Zoss' pens mailing list, in four expanded formats, and join an ongoing e-mail conversation about all things pen-ish.
Bill Riepl publishes a unique monthly web-magazine, Stylophile'S, devoted to all aspects of fountain pen collecting.
If your browser can read usenet, and your service provides the group, this link will take you to alt.collecting.pens-pencils .

Some sites of major new-pen manufacturers

Pelikan's website (in English and German) offers history, tips, and links to a collectors' service.
Rotring's website focuses on this German firm's artist and technical pens, as well as on general writing instruments.
Okay, so Bic doesn't make any fountain pens. However, they are linked to two of the giants of the classic fountain pen age (they purchased Waterman USA in 1959, and Sheaffer in 1998).
Pilot is one of Japan's leading makers of pens of all kinds, selling their better products under the Namiki name.
Visconti is an Italian maker of pens in traditional materials and styles.
A.T. Cross is one of the oldest firms in the writing instrument business today, and has successfully reestablished itself as a seller of fine fountain pens.

What about the other guys?

As far as I know, no other fine pen makers currently maintain official websites. This includes Montblanc, Waterman, Parker, etc. The URL "" does return the home page of an Iowa ISP, so Sheaffer appears to be keeping their options open.

Homepages of vintage pen collectors and dealers (in no particular order)...

Grady Tucker's Washington Pen Club site, one of the first I ever drooled over.
Sam Fiorella's Pendemonium, featuring vintage pens, inks & inkwells, dip pens, books, and paraphernalia too numerous to mention (buy a pen rollup today, my mom made 'em for Sam).
Matthias Meyer's Penthusiasm site
Paludan and Gough's Vintage fountain pen collectors' paradise is a good place to find European pens (particularly Montblancs and their Danish cousins).
Lynn Brant's Penlovers site has a bulletin board and a trivia quiz, among other attractions (no geek quiz yet, though).
The Battersea Pen Home sells pens by mail order and offers valuable advice for visitors to London: skip those tourist traps like the Palace and the Tower, and go to the Saturday market in the Portobello Road.
Tony Fischier's hot fountain pens from chilly Scandinavia; excellent compilation of info on Parkers.
Experienced collector-dealer-repairman David Nishimura offers pens for sale, as well as history, repair information, and other useful resources.
Werner Kleinhorst offers a big collection of pens, mainly German, with lots of brands seldom seen here in the USA. Werner also runs a unique pens-only online auction where you can bid on pens over the web.
Jim Gaston, who helps run the CompuServe pen forum, features pens and ephemera (including blotters and print ads)
Jerry Burton has a list of vintage pens for sale, along with postcards and other collectibles.
This is Bill Acker's page
Traveling soon? Glenn Marcus offers his reviews of various pen stores around the world.
The Club Internazionale della Stilografica Armando Simoni (named for the founder of OMAS) has a very fine website (in Italian, look for the link to the English version).
Chuck Swisher started out turning his own pens and collecting vintage pens, but has long since become one of the leading online pen retailers, offering a variety of pens and accessories at very good prices. Visit Swisher Pens or see his list of pen repair resources. deals in new fountain pens and accessories.
Handcrafted pens for gifts and promotions from Dayspring Pens.
Kawakubo Electric Fountain Pen Shop, a source for rare and interesting Japanese fountain pens. The site just moved, and appears to have been "under (re)construction" for some time. You may have to e-mail to get the latest product info.
Jonathan Steinberg sells high-end vintage pens and other collectibles; his website offers information, pictures, and excerpts from his lavishly illustrated and very wryly-written book Fountain Pens.

Other pen-related sites of interest...

Write your own delclaration of independence with Thomas Jefferson's Fountain Pen (or one like it, at any rate)
More than you could stand to know about Magic Markers
The official U.S. home page for Bic, pioneers of quality disposable pens. HTML fans will want to see the unusual "horizontal" timeline
A nice page of dip pen sets and related paraphrenalia from Francesco Rubinato
Need cases for those pens? Here's a tidier alternative to the shoebox from Mike Pratt.
Got a bird? Need a pen? Learn how to cut your own quills here, with illustrations from Donald Jackson's book, The Story of Writing (thanks for the tip, Charles)
Why do I use fountain pens? I dunno, but here's why Famous (and Grouchy) Writer Harlan Ellison does.

Some links that I put here just 'cuz...

Yea, though we mouse through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil. Macintosh forever! (I've owned four since that famous 1984 ad).
A page about that other McIntosh from a former executive of that firm. Think of them as the Tiffany of hi-fi. Maybe someday I'll put up pictures of my McIntosh system and my other vintage (read: old junk) hi-fi equipment (but it's tough to get that 85-pound amplifier onto the scanner).
Pioneering electronic musicians? Inventors of "no-wave" music? Defenders of Disco? World's most famous anonymous rock stars? Trendsetting multimedia artists? Louisiana rednecks gone horribly wrong? Exposers of the Big-Business-Pop-Music conspiracy? You decide (my hair hurts).

The bestest web search tool I know...

The Yahoo writing instrument collecting page
The Yahoo fine pens company page
The Yahoo writing instrument company page

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