Montblanc 342


This very popular pen was manufactured both as a Montblanc 342 (with 14k nib) and as an economy-brand MonteRosa 042 (plated nib) during the decade or so around 1960. This one is black, but others have been spotted in a variety of interesting colors. It is much smaller than the typical MBs we know today, but bears an obvious family resemblance. As the numbering scheme indicates, this is a "3" series pen (the lowest-priced series sold under the Montblanc name, and not a "Meisterstück," with a type-4 filler (piston) and a size 2 point.

This pen is a wonderful writer, small and very handy. The piston filler works like a charm. The point (left) is 14k (the numerals "585" refer to 0.585 gold alloy, equivalent to 14 karats).


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