Miscellaneous pens

Some of the pens in this exhibit are "big name" pens that ended up here simply because I don't have enough of them to warrant a separate exhibit, others are novelties or curiosities, while still others are modest pens from less well-known brands.

A word about the "also-ran" pens here: Not everyone can be the starting quarterback or the belle of the ball, but these pens posess the inestimable virtue of having survived. They may not be the finest instruments ever made, but one can imagine the pride with which they may have been given or received as gifts, and the poems, mortgages, love letters, term papers, and business deals they may have helped to realize. That's why I've put them here along with the Big Names.

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The smallest pen?
Swan Eternal 44ETN c. 1926
D. Wood stylograph 1920s
Alco pencil c. 1890
Bexley replica Duofold 1995
Pencopen Deluxe
Torpedo novelty pencil
Arnold pen 1930s
Aurora 88 1994
Iridium Point Pen c. 1925
Lamy Safari c. 1990
Lamy 2000, c. 1995
Yafa c. 1990
Antique dip pen
Conway-Stewart 388 c. 1950
Conklin 20p ringtop c. 1918
Travelers pen 1930s
Cigar ballpoint
Omas Extra Ogive
Soennecken 222 red lizard
Rubinato dip pen set

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