The smallest pen in the world?

Probably not, but it is certainly too small for me to use. Still, it does have a tiny lever filler (but not a sac right now) and is fully functional. Without a clip, it looks as though it had designed to fit into a checkbook or notebook spine. There are no identifying marks other than "2" on the steel point (which is much smaller than the usual #2 points found on older pens).
This pen is too plain looking and too functional to have been a novelty item, although some of the major makers did produce novelties such as the Waterman "Doll pen" and other minatures, or, at the brobdignagian end of the scale, the 10-inch (250mm) Parker Duofold that actually concealed a normal-size Duofold under its blind cap (bringing a new meaning to the collector's jargon "Pregnant Parker").

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