Bexley Duofold reproduction

Bexley is a U.S. firm that specializes in high quality pens, generally made in numbered limited series, in styles that call specific vintage pens to mind. This particular example is a faithful copy of the original Parker Duofold Senior (far more accurate than Parker's own Duofold reissue), down to the button fill and the washer clip. The material for the barrel is a subtle dark gray acrylic, and this pen is #34 of 1000 in this particular color. The 14k nib is very flexible and this pen writes with a broad, wet line. The clip is a very pale gold, and has a slightly asymmetrical "handmade" look to it.

This was my most recent purchase of an expensive modern pen (December 1995) and this is probably a good occasion to end the practice, since I'm not happy with the quality of most of them (with the Bexley being a definite exception).

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