Pencopen Deluxe (1930s?)

Proving that beauty is only skin deep but ugly is forever, this Pencopen Deluxe is so hideous that you have to love it. The two caps are black, studded with little lozenges of gray pearl in a hapazard arrangement that suggests the designer was inspired by blown chunks from a bad case of the 'flu. This distinguished styling theme is carried forward to the transparent barrel, which at least allows you to see the ink level if you hold the pen to the light. The scalloped clip adds a final touch of, er, distinction to this boldly unique design.

The point is steel, with the gold plating apparently worn away under the buffer or by my own Simichrome abuse; both point and barrel boast that this pen is registered with the U.S. Patent Office, which is bad news for Montegrappa, who no doubt would want to rush out a limited edition reissue were it not for the attendant legal entanglements (and this is only just; we in the U.S. should jealously defend our technical and aesthetic advances from foreign usurpation). Under the blind cap is a bulb filler (which, I confess, I refurbished...the pen actually writes very nicely although the feed needs adjustment). As for the date of this pen...well, some designs are just timeless!

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