Torpedo novelty pencil

Anchors aweigh! Damn the ballpoints, full speed ahead! You may fire when ready, Grisly! This nifty item is a propeller pencil (actually, it has two propellers!) from (I'm guessing) the 1950s. There are no identifying markings, not even a Navy designation (I think it is a Mk. II). Possibly the only polished nickel-plate torpedo in the world's fleets today (I checked with Jane's), this pencil has a cheesy spring clip that is responsible for deep scratches in the surface. The warhead, er, lead is inserted from the front, and there is no provision for an eraser (but those Navy guys never make mistakes anyway <g>).

I came by this particular specimen in a boxful of pens I bought at a local antique show; the dealer was fortunately unwilling to sell it individually, although he received several inquiries (undoubtedly from old Annapolis men).

I'm taking orders: it can be yours for only $5,000,000 (I'm throwing in a toilet seat and a hammer if you act now).


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2005-Jan-20 17:50:26 CST
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