Aurora 88

I purchased this pen a few years back while on business in Santiago de Chile; at that time, I don't think these pens were widely available in the U.S. The styling is an Italian variation on the Germanic theme; the nicely curved clip is an excellent bit of detail, as is the brand name inscribed in nice cursive on the cap band.

You can see from the closeup of the point that the base of the split is well forward of the widest part of the point, which makes the point very flexible. This pen writes wonderfully, just like a vintage pen.

Aurora was one of the first penmakers in Italy (established in 1919), and remains one of the most prominent to this day. In the '30s, Aurora produced the rare and celebrated Etiopia (which made its own ink from water and ink pellets) to commemorate Italy's military successes in North Africa. in 1947, after rebuilding its Turin factory, Aurora launched the 88 line, which at that time was a take on the Parker 51.

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