Lamy Safari

Shortly after leaving his post as the German rep for Parker, Josef Lamy decided to roll his own, and established the Lamy company in 1930. Exciting things don't start happening to Lamy until just after World War II, when they introduce injection-moded plastics into their manufacturing process with the debut of the Artus pen. As the company moved into the 1960s, they drew design inspriation from the decoratively-challenged, functionally-oriented Bauhaus school, with a line of pens capped by the 2000 (still in production), and all of their subsequent products are notable for their very modern design.

The Safari series carries on in that tradition; it is a playful design in ABS plastic with gunmetal trim in the "industrial chic" fashion. (I especially like the wire bail clip) These examples, one in medium and one in broad, bear the imprint of my alma mater. These pens are still in production, a very good value at around $30.

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