Travelers pen

This pen cops so many features from other brands that it scarcely has a personality of its own. It boasts a Sheaffer-like ink view window whch is called, quite misleadingly, "Visavac" (this is a thoroughly conventional lever fill sac pen, not a vacuum filler like Parker and Sheaffer were offering at the time). The clip also comes to us by way of the Sheaffer studios, but the general shape of the pen screams "Waterman" (and in case you are deaf to the screaming, the lever has a distressingly-familiar globe-like motif at the end). The "Velvetouch" nib is marked "14k" but appears to be plated steel. So it shoudln't be a total loss, though, the celluloid barrel and cap are done in a very intriguing gold-red-brown tiger stripe pattern.

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2005-Jan-20 17:50:26 CST
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