Cigar ballpoint

Will the real EMS Lonsdale please stand up?

The superfical resemblance between big, expensive cigars and big, expensive pens has not been lost on either industry, and with both products enjoying a big burst of popularity, the result was inevitable. Currently, we see many cigar-like pens on the market, from the Montegrappa Cigar (which looks like something that could have been used as a weapon in the movie "Dune") to the Bexley Cigar Aficionado pen (which will help you write those $200 checks for those boxes of Pleades) to the Tombow Havana rollerball (which comes packed ten to a cedar box).

On the other hand, one unknown company displayed a sense of humor with this inexpensive ballpoint. I got it as part of a "cigar gift box" for my last birthday, including a T-shirt and a bubblegum cigar (no real stogies, though). This pen appears to have been cast from an actual cigar, and sports a Punch Habana band. Let's hope the Customs Service isn't reading this page, since even an authentic Cuban cigar band might be considered contraband as we slouch onward toward the end of the fourth decade of the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba (a friend of mine told me that a friend of his got a file opened on him at the State Department just for receiving a package of bands from Havana...well, okay, the package came from Raoul Castro himself, but I digress...).

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