Parker Frontier

If the fountain pen revival started a decade or so ago with big-ticket pens like the Duofold Centennial, then trickle down economics is at last bringing nice pens within the reach of ordinary taxpayers. For only $32.50 list (I bought mine from Staples for about $10 off list), you get a stout but lightweight pen with a very nice gold plated nib, packed in a nice presentation box with little niches for a cartridge and a converter for bottle filling (both included, bless you Parker!).

The Frontier's two-tone barrel looks expensive from a distance (it is less impressive close up), and the pen when closed bears a strong resemblence to the 51 and 61. The section is made of a trendy rubber-textured plastic material.

"Yes," you say, "but does it write worth a damn?" Well, I brought it home, popped in the converter, and filled it with ruby Penman and it began writing from the git-go and didn't stop until it ran out of ink. No break-in, no writing on emery boards, no returns to the store for adjustment. What a concept!


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