Parker Vector

The Parker Vector series debuted sometime around 1980, and sells for well under ten dollars in all versions. It is the foremost example of a "modular" pen in the modern manner: the same barrel and cap are used for fountain pen and roller ball versions. In fact, I just experimented by swapping the calligraphy points from the set below into the rollerball above, and it worked like a charm. The Vector has been offered in many colors, from a phat Camo to American flag motifs, and the Vector is also easily imprinted for promotional use (FPH was giving these away at the D.C. show two years back, so I thought it only fair to scan it with the imprint clearly readable).

I wonder how much money Parker and Sheaffer have made selling calligraphy sets to folks who think they might like to try italic writing, only to give up after about a half page of shaky looking alphabets? Well, Parker's set is at least a class act. It includes a Vector pen with four interchangeable point-section assemblies ranging from normal writing to cold-chisel widths, a generous complement of six cartridges in three colors, and a converter (which I swiped to put into another pen). A small booklet on alphabets is included, and the whole thing buttons up into a very durable vinyl case with flocked interior, all for around $20.

I'm no calligrapher, but my guess is that the combination of these wide points with the somewhat watery fountain pen ink won't give the most satisfactory result; you really need a very bold black india ink, but it probably wouldn't flow well in this pen.

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