Pelikan 140

This Pelikan 140 from sometime in the 1950s finds the firm regaining their pre-war form. After several post-war years during which materials were scarce (gold, in particular; many post-war 140s had to make do with steel points) and of indifferent quality, this pen gives one nothing to complain about.

It sports the classic green-stripe barrel (with translucent stripes to let you check on the ink level), and simple but well-detailed trim including the classic pelican-beak clip.

The unusual extra-fine point has two breather holes. The slit (which you can see from the magnification is slightly off-center) is rather short (and well forward of the widest part of the point), so this pen is quite rigid and writes with a line that even hardcore bookkeepers could appreciate.

The piston-fill mechanism lacks the weightiness of Pelikan's current expensive pens, but works reliably.


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