The standard Pelikan range currently encompasses the 150 at the low end (less than $100 list), and goes up to the just-released M1000. This M800 could now be called a "baby brother" but the term hardly applies to this big dreadnought in the German tradition, with 1950s styling, piston fill, two-tone engraved 18k nib, shiny black resin, and copious gold trim (including the fussy-looking derby and "pelican-beak" clip). The brass mechanics of the piston fill system are very well made (although I did have mine loosen up on me, necessitating a run to Fahrney's to exercise the lifetime guarantee). The 800 is a bit more comfortable and balanced to me than the MB149, and my 800 writes much better and more reliably than my 149. Just when I lose faith that costly new fountain pens can be made to write well, I somehow manage to pick the M800 and feel much better.

If you simply must own a big black German pen, get the M800 and use money you save to buy yourself a nice dinner (or send it to me in return for the tip).


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