Sheaffer Lifetime Ringtop c. 1927

Apparently, size matters to pen collectors as it does to many others, so little ringtops like this one (meant to be worn on a necklace or perhaps a watch chain) don't generally fetch as much as their bigger siblings. Nevertheless, this is a Lifetime model (the dot is on the end of the pen). This pen also shows the tarry-colored and indelible stains caused not by ink, but by the sulfur that leached out of some of the rubber parts.

By the way, if you're wondering why the color of this Jade seems slightly different than that of the previous pen, it isn't just the quality of the scan (although I freely admit to some inconsistency here), but variations in the plastic itself, which could range from a sort of pea-soup to a jaunty grass green. Exposure over the years can also take its toll on the color.

The Lifetime point gets a silver masking, a form of decoration that is now de rigeur on today's finer pens.

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