Sheaffer Lifetimes (late 1930s)

Two more Lifetimes, the more streamlined clips dating them to sometime late in the '30s. By this time, Sheaffer (as well as other makers) has learned to create unusual effects (like this brown/gold pearl striation) from composite "sandwiches" of alternating colors of celluloid. The lower pen is a Sovereign model, a smaller size intended for women. The full-size pen at the top sports a monogrammed gold band. These pens also have what are known as "visulated" sections, partially transparent to allow the user to check the ink supply--a feature still commonly found on today's bottle-fill pens.

At some time in the 1930s, Sheaffer began to mask some of their points with silver to give an attractive two-tone effect. As we can see on the bottom pen, someone painted outside the lines! Today, two-tone points are once again "in", an almost required feature of penmakers' top-shelf merchandise.

Both of these points are serially-numbered 14k Lifetimes, fitted to partially transparent "Visulated" celluloid sections.

This pen is monogrammed "W.J.C." -- maybe for William Jefferson Clinton? The man who sold me this pen explained that it was the one that the future president used to get JFK's autograph back 35 years or so ago...of course, he was smiling when he told me this. Nevertheless, I am awaiting Kenneth Starr's subpoena, and look forward to telling all I know.

This detail also shows the pearl-and-black striations of this very attractive pen.

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