Sheaffer Targa (c. 1979, 1985)

The Sheaffer Targa series, introduced in 1976, has never looked quite right to me. The squared-off barrel and cap are very '70s, and just don't go with the curvaceous Sheaffer inlay nib, which first appeared on the celebrated Pen for Men (PFM) series back in the late '50s. The Targa was the mainstay of Sheaffer's fountain pen line throughout the '70s and '80s, and came in a variety of finishes, from the classic versions shown here to some downright cheesy looking patterned models in thankfully limited editions, and the obligatory '70s black matté.

Nor is the Targa especially interesting for pen technology freaks, since it uses a simple cartridge/converter system (with an aerometric-style converter featuring an old fashioned rubber ink sac); nothing here to remind us of the original lever filler or the snorkel.

Still, the Targa was a rugged and exceptionally well-made pen; it has a nice feel and heft without being too heavy, and the fit of the cap to the barrel is as good as you're likely to see for a pen with such modest price and pretensions. The inlay point is quite on the rigid side, making it more suitable for modern hands.

Both of these Targas have great sentimental value to me; the fluted gold plated one was a gift to me from friends upon my college graduation, an achievement that the steel version had helped bring about by traveling to class with me for several years (this pen has been in my collection longer than any other).

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