Wahl-Eversharp advertising

Eversharp relied heavily upon network radio advertising to promote its products, which in the 1940s meant that they actually "owned" entire programs (rather than just placing isolated commercials). The ad below mentions the program most closely identified with Eversharp, the famous radio quiz Take It Or Leave It, in which contestants made their way by powers of two up from a $2 question to the famous "$64 question" (a phrase which went on to become a classic bit of American slang, so widespread that many people think this was the name of the show).

This ad shows Skylines (the $14.75 basic set and the gold-filled "Gold Award" set for $22.50), but later Eversharp (the Wahl name was dropped around this time) would issue special versions of its Fifth Avenue pens inscribed with the "6?4" mark to commemorate the show.

As for why the soldier and sailor above are wearing so much makeup, we didn't ask and they didn't tell us.

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