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A big makeover for the site, getting ready for my honored visitors coming from the Microsoft Internet Explorer home page, where this site will be featured later this month.

New pens include a mid-20s hard rubber Wahl Signature, and another Wahl (Eversharp) for which I've been searching for quite awhile, a Morocco Doric with adjustable point. About as far to the other end of the style spectrum as you can get from the Doric is the other new featured pen, the Lamy 2000.

The troubleshooting and filling pages have been expanded with new material, as has the inks page which now features some more information and images on the history of ink writing. The links page has also been updated to include some new sites of interest. There is a new site FAQ, in which I answer some of the typical questions I get from readers.

The Sheaffer and Parker advertising galleries are now both online, thanks to my having purchased additional disk space from io.com.

The two FTP links have been fixed (again), so you can now download a high-resolution JPEG chart of Esterbrook Renew Points, and a very cool sound bite from a 1940s Eversharp radio commercial.

Not directly linked from the index page (yet) are two more features of interest, a discussion of the use of gold versus steel for pen points (which I prepared for the March edition of Bill Riepl's Stylophile'S web magazine, and a set of instructions for scanning pens for websites and other computer & internet uses.

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