Close-up vew of two Snorkel-pointed Sheaffer pens from the 1950s. Read my article about the Snorkels, about Sheaffer, or about my tour of the Sheaffer factory.

Welcome to my re-launched website! It was formerly called "Penoply" (and will still answer to that title occasionally), but is now re-christened Penspotters (for reasons I discuss elsewhere). I've also spent a few years collecting, photographing, and researching pens so that I can pass along the info to you (well, OK, I've mostly been goofing off).

This site is, as always, intended for people who are interested in using and collecting fountain pens. Here, I hope to provide a "field guide" to some common (and not-so-common) examples of the breed, as old as a century and as new as the last pen show. You'll get my reviews, comments, tips & hints, advice, and photography. And, it's all mine (pretty much, anyway), so there's no one for you to blame but me. Just have a look at the menu on the left (or go here if you somehow lost frames) and surf away.