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The Attic (retired pages)

In preparing my recent big upgrade to this site, I found that the following pages didn't quite carry the same informational "throw weight" that they used to have; therefore, I've pruned them out of the main site. However, I couldn't bear to get rid of them altogether (and also didn't want to break any external links to them), so I've given them each a catered luncheon and a gold watch (a spamvertised replica, natch) and sent them here.

Obsolete Classic Spams

These Classic Spams were pretty good in their day, but they just don't cut the muster anymore. Now, you can find them relaxing in the dayroom playing Bingo or watching soap operas on the new plasma TV I won from MailCompanyX.

Classic Spams — dead or missing in action

The following pages describe spam operations that appear to have been exposed to crucifixes, doused with garlic cloves, impaled with wooden stakes, dragged into the sunlight, and burned. Maybe they'll no longer come back to haunt us (but, then again, Dracula always seemed to manage it).

Retired information pages

These pages were getting a bit unwieldy to read (and to maintain), and also had some errors that needed correcting. Nevertheless, I have put them in the attic although I don't have plans to update them.

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