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The Classic Spam gallery!

25 May 2007: A few updates to some of these pages, including summaries providing “the bottom line” on these spam rackets.

9 February 2006: Some of the spams that used to be linked from here have been retired to the attic.

Long ago, I decided that if it was going to be impossible to stop getting spam, I ought at least to make the best of it. Therefore, I have pursued spam not only as a field of study, but also as a source of innocent merriment.

On this page, I have put together a collection of links to pages that describe both particular spam messages and spam rackets in general. There’s some dissection of the spams, but the emphasis is on what the spams are promoting and in general how they go about it.

The classic spams (updated 20 July 2006)

address-book spam
advance-fee scams
affiliate spam
anti-spam spam
celebrity spam
chain-letter spam
diploma-mill spam
free-stuff spam
job scams
lottery scams
mail-order-bride scams
mainsleaze spam
mortgage spam
Nigerian scams
opinion spam
penis enlargement (etc.) spam
pharmacy spam
political spam
pornography spam
software and “warez” spam
spam services
stock spam

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