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Terms and conditions for use of this site

About this site

  1. I maintain this site in my own time and at my own expense in pursuit of my interest in studying the propagation and control of spam e-mail.
  2. I make this site available for the information of the general public.
  3. I grant license to the general public to view all materials made public on this site, except as may be noted below.
  4. The opinions expressed here are my own, as a private individual.
  5. Except where stated otherwise, I maintain copyright on all materials presented on this site, including original artwork.

Internet names and addresses used in examples

  1. Except where stated otherwise, none of the host names, domain names, e-mail addresses, and IP addresses used as generic or illustrative examples on this site are intended to refer to actual internet names and addresses.
  2. I have made every effort to determine that these names and addresses were unused or unrouteable at the time that the pages were published, but this may change with time.
  3. You may contact me with any concerns you have regarding these example names and addresses.

Your privacy

  1. This site does not collect nor save any information about visitors other than the routine HTTP query data collected in every normal web transaction. This information may include (a) the IP address from which the query was made, (b) the time and date of the query, (c) the names and locations of the files requested in the query, (d) the command(s) used for the query, (e) the “referring URL,” and (f) identifying information about the HTTP agent (web browser) that made the request. This information generally cannot be used by itself to identify you personally. By visiting this site, you grant consent for such information to be collected.
  2. Except where noted, data that you may enter into forms on this site are transmitted using the HTTP “POST” method, and are therefore not saved in web server logs. These data are discarded after the form query is fulfilled.
  3. This site does not write nor read cookies.
  4. This site does not employ client-side automation other than JavaScripts used for purposes of security, site navigation, and illustration of principles.
  5. If you send me unsolicited bulk e-mail (spam), then in so doing you grant me fair use of all such materials under 17 USC 107 (for purposes of education, criticism, and comment). Such use may include the analysis of these materials, and the posting on ths website of both the materials and the results of the analyses (which may contain information that personally identifies you).

REALLY limited warranty

  1. I make no claims regarding the usefulness of this site, nor its fitness for any purpose.
  2. While I continue to make every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information presented, I cannot guarantee that this site is free from error or inaccuracy, or that all information will be up to date. You use this information at your own risk. It is up you to independently confirm the information presented before communicating it to others or acting on it.
  3. By visiting this site, you indicate your agreement that I cannot be held responsible for the uses to which you put information obtained from this site.
  4. (Regarding stock spams) This site may include specimens of unsolicited e-mail used to promote particular stocks. These specimens are presented with the understanding that:
    1. This site is not intended as a source of investment advice or stock information.
    2. The firms whose stocks are named are not, to my knowledge, associated with the transmission of the spam messages.
  5. There is a small but non-negligible chance that, despite my best efforts, features of this site (e.g., spam analysis tools) may return data to your computer that could cause failures of your web browser or other software. By using this site, you indicate your agreement that I cannot be held responsible for such failures.

Contacting me

You may e-mail me (at ) with questions you have regarding information on this site. However, please bear the following in mind:

  1. This is not a public spam reporting service. I am a private individual. I do not represent any business or agency that undertakes to deal with spam complaints on behalf of the general public. I cannot do routine spam analysis for you nor file abuse reports on your behalf.
  2. You are welcome to submit examples of spam that you think may be of interest to me (e.g., exploits not already described here). Please obtain permission (by contacting me at the address above) before doing so, since I may require you to follow special instructions in order to send it.
  3. I try to respond to e-mails as quickly as possible, but my personal schedule or technical factors may occasionally prevent me from doing so.
  4. For the sake of my privacy and security, the e-mail address and other contact information published on this site are subject to be changed or revoked without notice.

Linking to (and from) this website

  1. This site contains links to other sites and resources outside this domain. I am not responsible for the content of these sites and resources, nor for their continued operation at the time you use the links.
  2. While I will entertain requests to put up links from this site to other sites, I reserve the right not to do so.
  3. You are free to link to this site, or accessible portions thereof, for noncommercial purposes (e.g., to provide information about spam or other forms of network abuse). In doing so, you recognize that the contents and layout of this site are subject to change without notice.
  4. In providing links to this site, you agree that you must not charge for access to these links. Further to this, you must publish the full URL of each link to this site in a readable form (i.e., inside or near the anchored text for the link).

Special license restrictions for non-human visitors (“bots,” “spiders,” etc.).

  1. Special restrictions on a visitor’s license to access this site apply to non-human visitors. “Non-human visitors” include, but are not limited to, web spiders, bots, indexers, robots, crawlers, or harvesters. Such non-human visitors are restricted from taxing the resources of this website or any service it provides beyond what would be typical of a human visitor.
  2. Because of their potential for abuse, in consideration for access to the site, non-human visitors are required to read and observe the industry-standard restrictions as set forth in the robots.txt file included at the root level of every domain governed by this agreement. The restrictions provided for in this file shall be considered an addendum to this agreement when applicable to non-human visitors. The robots.txt file specifies restrictions to the directories non-human visitors may access. Access to directories by non-human visitors beyond what is allowed by the robots.txt file is recognized by the parties to this agreement as trespass and is expressly prohibited.
  3. Furthermore, as specified by the “no-email-collection” flag in the header of every web page and the robots.txt file, email addresses on this site are considered proprietary intellectual property of the author of this website. It is recognized that these email addresses are provided for human visitors alone, and have value in part because they are only accessable to said human visitors. Intentional collection, harvesting, gathering, or otherwise storing email addresses by non-human visitors is recognized under this agreement as theft or diminution of value of the author’s intellectual property and is expressly prohibited.

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