Classic Spam: Persistent buggers

These people were among the most persistent and unkillable spammers I've seen. I got messages from them for what seemed like years, at various addresses, all of the messages touting software that would be of absolutely no interest to probably 99.95% or more of the recipients of the mailings.

A Google search on "ez maintenance" turns up a surprising number of "affiliate" links related to this product, many of which point to the same page (like the one at Other links point to what look like legitimate web-indices or info sites for the engineering and construction trades. One of these showed what purported to be actual package art for the software (see left) that looks rather like the bogused-up box pictures you see in other spam mails (another site showed a completely different package design). Still other links pointed to spam messages deposited in web bulletin boards (including one for biology researchers, who presumably don't have a pressing need for vehicle fleet logistics management).

The common link (or common lack of a link, actually) among all these messages is a company known as "Link It Software," which seems to be the publisher of the package. There's also what appears to be an associated operation called "" Both domains are evidently owned by the same outfit. Interestingly, there are no websites available at either or The lack of a central corporate presence, together with the large number of "affiliates" and the vaporware product package suggest one giant scam at work.

I did manage to find an January, 2002 apology, apparently from Link It CEO Wayne McFarland himself, blaming his company's repeated spamming during 2001 on "our department head," and promising that he'd be getting things under control.

Hey, Wayne, it's nine months later, and that "department head" is at it again (note the "anonymous" removal URL and what looks like a hashbuster at the bottom):

From: Link It Software <>
To: x
Subject: Maintenance Software For Equipment or Vehicles

EZ Maintenance is a complete Windows based software package that can manage, track, and control all your equipment or vehicle maintenance for only $1,495.00

All orders received by August 28th, 2002 will receive one additional user license at no charge (a $150.00 value).

EZ Maintenance is Network/Multi user ready out of the box. In addition to scheduling, tracking, keeping histories of and producing work orders for all maintenance on equipment or vehicles, EZ Maintenance also tracks costs, hours, and downtime for repairs. It includes over 80 reports and has available a link to Excel for the creation of specialized reports.

Along with many other features, EZ Maintenance produces maintenance calendars and complete maintenance histories. Equipment to be maintained can be bar coded, allowing a maintenance procedure to begin with a simple reading of the bar code. On the vehicle side, EZ Maintenance also tracks both vehicle and driver license information and license expiration dates and produces a report showing all expiring licenses 30 days in advance. It records all driver information, and allows for entry and tracking of all driver incidents EZ Maintenance is everything you need to maintain equipment or vehicles in one complete software package.

Since EZ Maintenance's release into the marketplace a short time ago, it has been featured in over 40 magazines, and has been purchased by companies ranging in size from a handful of employees to some of the largest corporations in the nation. EZ Maintenance is also featured on some of the largest and most prestigious Web Sites on the Internet.

If you have any questions at all, or would like to place your order, please call us on our direct line, (661) 286-0041 or email us at Thank you!

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Mr. McFarland's apology reads nicely, like that of a mortified CEO trying to mop up after an extended lapse in judgement. It rings rather hollow, however, in light of the continued spamvertizing of EZmaintenance. His mea culpa also provides an interesting insight into the mind of the spammer. He never apologizes for being a spammer, just for being an incompetent one. He apparently believes that:

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