Classic Spam: Septic tank services

Please takes a mintuet (sic) to review this spam. Somehow, it just makes sense that a spammer would be talking about septic tanks, although I'd guess that a large majority of recipients of this message don't have septic tanks and thus have no need of the vaguely-described packetge (sic) that these people offer. Evidently, they didn't avail themselves of one of the "targeted lists" offered elsewhere by other spammers, or maybe they just couldn't get a list with all the people on city sewage systems filtered out.

If your home is served by a septic system, you will be
able to receive invaluable information on how to
pump outs, maintain the system properly for FREE !!!

packetge will cure problems such as backups, wet spots, odor, etc.

You can start this FREE trial by checking out our SPC program at:

takes a mintuet to fill out the form, so we can send you the packetage.

To be
remove from furthe mailing submitt to our remove list here:

I also like this spam because of the unusually large number of spelling and grammar errors it contains (I've highlighted as many as I could find in blue; see if you can find any that I missed). Evidently, the chickenboners at (a doman that's since been shut down) have been spending too long down in the tanks, and it's begun to affect their brains. That is, if they had any in the first place. Which is doubtful.

I get several of these every few months or so, when the perps manage to bamboozle some ISP into giving them a platform, so I have every expectation of hearing from them again.

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