Classic Spam: Want any spam today?

So, this guy sends me an e-mail and asks would I like to go to his new website and opt in to get spam. Hmmm...can I have some time to think about it? About forty nanoseconds should do.


This is a one-time test mailing.
I have a new site:
This web site ask you to optin or optout on information about vegas

We do not want to offend or upset anybody so we are asking if we can send you
information about this site .

This is an attempt to stop spam if you optout or reply to this email you will not be sent
any emails from our company.
This is an attempt to stop spam.
thank you have a nice day !


Employing the sort of trans-dimensional logic that spammers seem so good at, this person claims that not only is this message not spam, it is actually an attempt to stop spam (just like the old Monty Python gag, "I'm fighting a war for peace."). I guess I could have chosen to "opt out" of receiving more "not spam" if I'd replied to the message, although the message is a but unclear on this point and I wasn't inclined to find out.

Really, this message is flat-out, naked extortion: the sender is threatening to send me more e-mail unless I "opt-out" by giving him my address. Yes, he already has my address (or else I wouldn't have gotten the mail), but he doesn't know yet know that it actually works. Once I divulge this fact to him, my address becomes much more valuable as a verified live entry in a "laundered" list that he can rent or sell to others.

I don't know how many people may have signed up to receive information about "vegas" (sic) (does he mean the crappy cars of the 1970s or the big city in Nevada?), but the site was shut down before I could investigate. Good—they can't shut it down hard enough for me.

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